Ever suspected that there’s a huge potential audience out there for your games that you haven’t reached yet? New gamers, for example, who demand a quick pick-up-and-play experience and think your games will be too difficult? Or experienced gamers who only have time for one MMO in their life, so need to become instantly immersed and engaged?

At last we have the answer. Bin the boring tutorials and integrate Play2Improve’s middleware into your games instead! Play2Improve technology will let players to jump straight into a new game or genre without any fear of getting lost or stuck and, most importantly, without breaking the immersion in the gameplay.

The Play2Improve solution provides compelling in-game coaching based on leading research into how people learn. Its real-time feedback is proven to be far more effective and enjoyable than other tutorial-based techniques. Game-specific assessments can provide instant feedback on particular events as well as tracking multiple events over time to provide detailed guidance.

Work with us to integrate our GameCoach technology into your game today!