Games Unpacked

Learn about computer games development skills in school with Games Unpacked.

What we are doing:
In partnership with Abertay University we are building and then deconstructing a computer game so that the game assets can be used to develop exciting and inspirational lessons

How this will help:

  • Joining up interdisciplinary projects, e.g. using science, art and maths to redesign our popcorn gun, cook the corn quicker and improve the trajectory of the corn
  • In Expressive Arts by replacing art or audio assets e.g. rewrite the sound track or replace the sound effect
  • Promoting media literacy through opening up today’s content creation tools to everyone

How it will work:
Abertay will provide the complete game and a deconstructed version that has a full inventory of assets and detailed documentation for how it goes together. Curriculum specialists will develop lesson plans and teachers will have professional development in how to deploy the assets, documentation and lesson plans.

What is the game?
A series of mini games that have obstacles and comedic weapons in three different environments. The game is created using the same tools used to develop for Microsoft’s XBox 360 platform but can also be run on low specification PCs

When can we start?
Abertay are in the early stages of experimenting with the asset unpacking and documentation so that we can get feedback from teaching practitioners and design a pilot around Scotland’s new Curriculum for Excellence. Abertay will be working with Learning and Teaching Scotland and their Glow network.