NeoN Digital Arts Festival 2009

Play2Improve exhibited at the NeoN Digital Arts Festival in November 2009 to demonstrate our real-time coaching and assessment technology and allow people to get hands-on with our Solar Express game.

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Coach Turnbuckle’s FPS Trainer Demo Released

We have just completed the playable demo of the game for the Xbox 360. This playable vertical slice demonstrates 2 of the mini-games from the final product - movement training and aiming. We are currently investigating a number of publishing options for the full game production - more news to follow soon!

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Dare Protoplay 2009

Play2Improve presented Coach Turnbuckle’s FPS Trainer for the first time in public to attendees of Dare to be Digital Protoplay 2009. Our exhibit was part of the Games Unpacked Bafta workshops to show young people (and their parents) how to break into the video games industry. We ran a live development studio throughout the entire [...]

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